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Taking Coursera Courses

on Thu, 08/01/2013 - 22:04

       Since July 19th, the Berklee School of Music has offered three classes: Introdution to Guitar, Introduction to Music Production, and Songwriting. I'm taking all three of these classes, and I am really enjoying them! I never learned to play guitar, so I'm really excited about learning! I've learned a few basic chords and a few picking techniques. I'm starting to catch on. :) The Music Production class is REALLY technical. I'm learning about the different types of microphones, cables, and connectors, and how to record the all of your instruments. The Songwriting course is my FAVORITE class out of the three. I get to be creative in the homework assignments, and I've learned a lot about the foundation of a song and how to build up an idea throughout your verse and chorus.

It's really fun. I reccomend it!

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